Steel Cages & Roll Containers
Mobile Steel Cage MSC1060 size:1000x1200x1000mm 600kg
Mobile Steel Cage MSC8060 size:800x1200x1000mm 600kg
Mobile pallet cage MSC3586 size:800x600x670mm. 350kg

Steel cage SC1060 size1000x1200x1000mm 600kg
Large Steel Cage WSC1560 Size:1000x1500x1000mm 600kg
Steel Cage Security SCL1060 Lid for that suit Steel Cage SC1060 50mm

Roll Container with shelve RC603, size: 735x850x1690 mm. 600 kg.
WIDE DEMOUNTABLE ROLL CONTAINER (RCW504) Size: 800x1200x1820mm. 500Kg
Loose Shelf LSRC that fix to 19.A110 Security Nestable Roll Pallet

Loose Shelf LSWRC that fix to WSRC604